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Dynarec Ltd. was founded by Geza Baranyi and Robert Baranyi in Sweden, 1985. The company was specialized in producing industrial, musical films, sport and tourist video films. Trading with broadcast video equipment was a part of our business.

In 1986, the company moved to Germany and changed its name to Dynarec Video. Trading with broadcast equipment, computers, was our main business income. We continued to produce video films for big companies like Digital Equipment, Compaq, Andersen Consulting, SAP, Radio Free Europe, etc.


    In 1995 we founded Dynarec Ltd. in Budapest. The company has three major profiles:
  • Trading with broadcast video equipment both new and secondhand
  • Industrial video-film productions
  • Computer and high-speed data networks.

Since 1998, Dynarec is authorized distributor of the Hahn Videopresentation, ABC Products, Sony, Balogh lights, Camrade, Alan, Manfrotto, Canopus. For all our partners see the column on the left side.

Our Company plans, implements and maintains computer networks, for companies like: hotel ATRIUM HYATT, hotel INTER-CONTINENTAL, Puratos, etc. We produced high quality, digital industrial video films for famous companies like: Andersen Consulting, MÁV, Matáv, Zenner, Ansaldo, NEHITI, Puratos, Imago GmbH, Zenner GmbH, Contor Zenner S.R.L., Hotel Intercontinental Budapest, Polus Palace, etc.


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