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AKCIÓK / Akciók / Sony PDW 700, Demo, !!SOLD!!
Termék:Sony PDW 700, Demo, !!SOLD!!
Szállítási nap:1
Ár: 4 928 000 HUF
15 400 Euro
Leírás: !!SOLD !!
2/3-inch-type Three HD Power HAD FX CCDs
The PDW-700 is equipped with three 2/3-inch-type 2.2-megapixel full HD progressive CCDs, which are also used in the well-proven HDC-1500 HD Camera from Sony. Based on Sony's Power HAD FX sensor technology and the latest on-chip lens structure, this type of CCD offers a high sensitivity of F11 at 59.94 Hz (F12 at 50 Hz) and an excellent signal-to-noise ratio of 59 dB in Noise Suppression (NS) mode, which helps to reduce the high-frequency noise elements of video signals using Sony's advanced digital processing technology.

Wide Choice of Video Formats: Interlace and Progressive
The PDW-700 offers a wide choice of video formats for both frame rates and scanning mode. They include 59.94i, 50i, 29.97P, and 25P in a resolution of 1920 x 1080, and 59.94P and 50P in 1280 x 720. A recording and playback capability in 23.98P is also available using optional software*.

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