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MOVIE TECH / MT Dollies / Rocker Dolly
Product:Rocker Dolly
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Description: The Rocker Dolly

The best time to appreciate the true size of the Rocker Dolly is in unusual situations! An ultra-lightweight dolly with an extensive range of possible applications – developed to put your ideas into the scene even more effectively.
Precise cornering maneuvers can be accomplished quickly and easily, right down to close-up range movements, which may be repeated thanks to a special steering system.
Its low weight and wide range of accessories make this performer into an essential instrument for motion shots – fascinating perspectives are guaranteed!

Add-on options
  ... the only thing it can't do is fly

The optionally available Mitchell 4-way leveler extends the range of possible uses for the Rocker Dolly.  
The MovieTech rocker plate can easily be placed on the resting positions provided on the dolly.  
Another advantage of the Rocker Dolly is that it can be used as a leveling bazooka base. Even more applications are possible using MovieTech accessories: e.g. 40 cm risers with 150 mm ball adapter.  
Fitted with a seat, a bazooka and a ball adapter, the Rocker Dolly can also be used as a ride-on unit (operator weight up to 100 kg).

Rocker Dolly used on rails/wheels
...on table wheels (standard)  
The basic set with studio wheels offers stable and smooth running characteristics on flat and level floors.  

...on tubular tracks

Using the optionally available rail wheel set, the Rocker Dolly can be used as a rail dolly on tubular tracks, for example.

...on MovieTech  MasterTrack or Movie Track

The Rocker Dolly also reveals its full potential on folding filming rails such as Movie Tech Master Track or Movie Track.

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